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  • Past President Canadian Medical Association
  • Past President Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Honourary Associate Professor University of British Columbia
  • 2014 Doctors of BC Don Rix Leadership Award

The Waiting Games May 15, 2017
BC Medical Journal

Tommy Douglas 'would not be happy' with our system Sep 08, 2016
Financial Post

It’s time for a real leap forward May 12, 2016
Canadian Healthcare Network

As patients die on wait lists, what can we do? Apr 25, 2016
Canadian Healthcare Network

Health Care Hampered by Red Tape Jan 20, 2016
By Dr. Brian Day, Vancouver Sun

25 Years Ago: W.D.S Thomas, President of CMA Oct 03, 2015
Canadian Medical Association

11 Years Ago Today: Let's Be Radical Again Jun 16, 2015
MD Canada

Doctors of B.C. vote a signal of physicians’ stance on two-tier health care Jun 09, 2015
Globe and Mail

Why I am running in the Doctors of BC election May 22, 2015
Dr. Brian Day, Medical Post

Dr. Brian Day on CBC Radio News Apr 02, 2015
CBC Radio 1

Interview with David Berner Jun 05, 2014
Shaw Cable

Seminal B.C. case will test the limits on choice in health care Sep 24, 2013
Ottawa Citizen

Dr. Brian Day Inverviewed by David Berner Dec 03, 2012
Shaw TV

Boy Paralyzed After Surgery Delays Nov 15, 2012
Vancouver Sun

B.C.'s private health-care clinics are part of the solution Aug 17, 2012
Nanaimo Daily News

The right to pay for private health care Jul 23, 2012
The Vancouver Sun

Politicians: If you can’t beat them, join them Jul 01, 2012
BC Medical Journal

Dix's solution to health care troubles lacks common sense May 10, 2011
Vancouver Sun

Reduced waiting times are good for our health Feb 25, 2011
Vancouver Sun

The outspoken surgeon advocates love to hate Dec 08, 2010
Globe and Mail

Brian Day Speaks at Sam Sullivan's Public Salon Nov 03, 2010
Video Speech

Video: Power Play Former President of the CMA Sep 13, 2010
CTV News

Health-care system isn't 'the problem.' It's the long waits Jan 25, 2010
The Province

Public sector unions should push for more private involvement Nov 17, 2009
Vancouver Sun

Don't be afraid of private health care Sep 19, 2009
Edmonton Journal

Politicians, economists, and lawyers: Who will save us? Sep 01, 2009
BC Medical Journal

Make Province A Haven For Medical Tourism Jul 31, 2009
Globe and Mail

A cure for Canada Jan 26, 2009
National Post

Brian Day Video Interview Oct 09, 2008
Fraser Institute

The New Healthcare Sep 08, 2008
Maclean's Magazine

Globe and Mail Article Aug 21, 2008
Globe and Mail

Revamp medical schools, says CMA Chief Aug 20, 2008
National Post

CMA head slams political parties Aug 20, 2008
Canwest News Service

Speech: Putting Patients First Aug 19, 2008
Valedictory Address to the CMA

Vancouver Magazine Panorama Jul 01, 2008
Vancouver Magazine

Newfoundland and Labrador can lead the way in reforming health care system: CMA president Jun 30, 2008
The Western Star

Address to the Annual Meeting Jun 28, 2008
Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association

Cash is its own reward Jun 18, 2008

Alberta has unique opportunity to lead the country in health-care delivery Jun 15, 2008
Calgary Sun

Public vs. Private | Dr Profit or Dr. Prophet? Jun 15, 2008

Back to Ottawa's bad prescription on addiction Jun 08, 2008
Toronto Star

Address to the Annual Meeting BCMA Jun 07, 2008
British Columbia Medical Association

Robert Ouellet's Address to the Annual Meeting Jun 07, 2008
Doctors Nova Scotia

What we can learn from Britain Jun 02, 2008
Ottawa Citizen

Health care broken, says top doctor May 24, 2008
The Peterborough Examiner

Calculating health costs May 13, 2008
The Leader-Post (Regina)

Address to the Annual Meeting (SMA) May 10, 2008
Saskatchewan Medical Association

Address to the 100th Annual Meeting May 07, 2008
Manitoba Medical Association

Address to the Annual Meeting (OMA) May 04, 2008
Ontario Medical Association

Waiting Room Nation - Medical Tourism May 01, 2008
In Business

MD: Patients shouldn’t be considered financial drain Apr 21, 2008
The Chronicle-Herald

Address to the Annual Meeting (QMA) Apr 19, 2008
Quebec Medical Association

Address to Rural and Remote 2008 Conference Apr 18, 2008
Society of Rural Physicians of Canada

Dr. Day stresses importance of healthcare IT Apr 07, 2008
Canadian Healthcare Technology

Keeping patients on wait lists cripples our health system Apr 03, 2008
The Province

MDs launch online tool for patients Apr 02, 2008
Toronto Star

Now you can visit your doctor online Apr 02, 2008
Vancouver Sun

Speech Delivered by Dr. Brian Day Apr 01, 2008
Vancouver Board of Trade

Health system unsustainable without private sector help Apr 01, 2008
By Terry Hadley

The wisdom of Brian Day Jan 21, 2008
Ottawa Citizen

Private medical schools are worth studying Jan 19, 2008
Montreal Gazette

The High Cost of Waiting for Care Jan 15, 2008
Economic Club of Toronto

Dr Brian Day on Rex Murphy's Cross Country Checkup Dec 09, 2007
CBC Radio One

Dr. Brian Day named in Vancouver Magazine's Power 50 Dec 01, 2007
Vancouver Magazine

Remarks to the Representative Assembly Nov 02, 2007
Saskatchewan Medical Association

Changes needed, but U.S. system isn't for us Nov 01, 2007
Montreal Gazette

Speech at the Empire Club of Canada Oct 12, 2007
Empire Club of Canada

Health care: Medicare Inc. Oct 08, 2007
Canadian Business Magazine

Don't Take a Number Oct 02, 2007
Financial Post Magazine

Building a Culture of Putting Patients First® Sep 29, 2007
Canadian Medical Association

Brian Day's not-so-scary prescription for health care Aug 27, 2007
Globe and Mail

Hybrid fix looms for health-care ills Aug 25, 2007
National Post

Health care system suffers from monopoly Aug 25, 2007
Vancouver Sun

Tireless agent for change Aug 25, 2007
Calgary Herald

Dr. Brian Day intervied on CBC's as it happens Aug 22, 2007
CBC News

Presidential CMA Speech 2007 Aug 22, 2007
Canadian Medical Association

Claxton Rehabs Career Hopes with Knee Surgery Aug 02, 2007
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Day in Your Life Aug 01, 2007
BC Business Magazine

Editorial: IN OUR OPINION Jun 19, 2007
The Province

New CMA boss seeks cure for inefficiency virus May 10, 2007
Globe and Mail

Divided we stand, divided we fall Apr 01, 2007
BCMA Journal

The man behind the melee: Dr Brian Day, president-elect of the CMA Nov 15, 2006
National Review of Medicine

Brian Day: CMA’s next president supports private health care Oct 14, 2006
The Lancet

Private health care works Oct 13, 2006
Neil Desai

Times Colonist Editorial Sep 23, 2006
Times Colonist

Waiting and watching the future of medicine Sep 19, 2006
Medical Post Editorial

Dr. Brian Day - the left's worst nightmare Aug 28, 2006
Canada Free Press

A new Day for the CMA Aug 24, 2006
National Post

Back to the Future: Brian Day Aug 22, 2006
CMA Annual Meeting

Letter of Support Aug 19, 2006
Canadian Orthopaedic Resident Association

Dr. Brian Day is the right tonic to stimulate health care debate Aug 18, 2006
Vancouver Sun

The CMA Election - Coalition of Family Physicians of British Columbia (COFPBC) Aug 15, 2006
Dr. Tracy Monk

Open Communication from Dr. Jorge Denegri, VMA President, supports Dr. Brian Day Jul 20, 2006

BCMA pushes Brian Day for CMA President Jul 18, 2006
The Vancouver Sun

Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one Jul 01, 2006
BC Medical Journal

Wait times costing billions, joint CMA-BCMA study shows Jun 28, 2006

CMA discussion paper conclusions: It's about access Jun 01, 2006
Canadian Medical Association

Audio Interview on the future of health care in Canada Apr 20, 2006
New England Journal of Medicine

Q and A with Dr. Brian Day, Canadian Medical Association's incoming president... Mar 07, 2006
Macleans Magazine

A new 'Day' for the CMA Feb 28, 2006
The Medical Post

Canada's Private Clinics Surge as Public System Falters Feb 28, 2006
New York Times

Dr Brian Day honoured during humanitarian teaching trip to Cuba. Feb 18, 2006
Cuban Orthopaedic Association

From Beatles and Castro to the CMA Feb 18, 2006
National Post

Nominee to lead CMA wants to help public medicine, not slay it Feb 18, 2006
The Vancouver Sun

BCMA nominates Dr. Brian Day for CMA president elect Feb 15, 2006
CKNW Radio

Doctors pick private-care pioneer Feb 15, 2006
Vancouver Sun

Most favour mix of public, private care: poll Jan 18, 2006
National Post

Private-medicine maverick Dr. Brian Day aims to head CMA Jan 18, 2006
The Vancouver Sun

Brian Day guest on Adler Online Jan 16, 2006
CKNW Radio, Canada Network Radio

Federal Election Op-Ed by Brian Day Jan 04, 2006
National Post

Back to the future, Time to take back our health care system Jan 01, 2006
Dr. Brian Day

Health care cure? Try family doctors Dec 15, 2005
The Vancouver Sun

How Uncle Jack found salvation Dec 09, 2005
Calgary Herald

Dr. Brian Day Appears in New Documentary on CBC-TV tonight at 9pm Dec 08, 2005
CBC's Passionate Eye

Brian Day featured in ACL Television Spot Dec 01, 2005
HealthSpot TV

Health system, you're fired Nov 12, 2005
The Globe and Mail

Let's eliminate waiting lists, not study them - Brian Day Nov 09, 2005
The Vancouver Sun

Monopolies don't benefit the consumer - Brian Day Nov 09, 2005
Times Colonist

Who pays? by Brian Day Nov 01, 2005
BC Medical Journal

Is There A Constitutional Right To Heath Care? Oct 23, 2005
Peter W. Hogg

Is Public healthcare dying? by Brian Day Aug 01, 2005
Parkhurst Exchange

Two-and-a-half cheers for the Supreme Court! Jul 01, 2005
BC Medical Journal

20 years ago today... Jun 27, 2005
Press Photo

The new face of medicare Jun 10, 2005
The Globe and Mail

Body degenerates as patients wait Jun 03, 2005
The Vancouver Sun

Prohibition and medicare in Canada May 01, 2005
Canadian Society of Physician Executives

Free And First Class Mar 20, 2005
Bangkok Post

Evidence and outcomes Mar 01, 2005
BC Medical Journal

Health care arithmetic by former NDP Finance Minister Sep 14, 2004
CMA Journal

Medicare's D-Day? by Brian Day Aug 01, 2004
BCMA Medical Journal

Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada Discuss Health Care Issues Aug 01, 2004
Press Photo

Sleek private clinics slip from Health Act scrutiny Jul 12, 2004
Globe and Mail

More Arithmetic of Health Care by Janice MacKinnon Jul 01, 2004
Policy Matters

Operating on the Fringes Mar 01, 2004
MD Canada Magazine

Competition - by Brian Day Nov 09, 2003
BCMA Medical Journal

Brian Day's Summary of Recommendations for Health Care Apr 15, 2003
Official Document

AANA Presidential Address - by Brian Day Apr 01, 2003
Arthroscopy Association of North America

A Canadian Health Charter - by Brian Day Mar 01, 2003
BCMA Journal

Brian Day named in the top 50 people to look out for Jan 20, 2003
Maclean's Magazine

Dr. Profit is ready to operate Dec 03, 2002
The Globe and Mail

Shouldn't we have the right to choose? Dec 01, 2002
National Post Business

A new Day for health care Apr 08, 2002
The Vancouver Sun

Private clinic offers quick access to specialists Apr 02, 2002
The Vancouver Sun

U.K. soccer star picks B.C. surgeon Mar 08, 2002
The Vancouver Sun

Brian Day's Evidence before the Senate Committee in Ottawa Oct 18, 2001
Published by the Government of Canada

Getting The Facts - Correspondence by Brian Day Apr 18, 2000

Brian Day's take on unsubstantiated drivel Feb 09, 2000
The Medical Post

Brian Day's take on crooked thinking Jan 26, 2000
The Medical Post

The Canada Health Act Concept versus Reality Jan 01, 2000
Print Source

Hippocratic vs. Hypocritical - by Brian Day Apr 01, 1999
The Vancouver Sun

How to end the rationing of health care in Canada Dec 17, 1997
The Vancouver Sun

His own private hospital Jun 01, 1997
CMAJ Medical Journal

Slice at clinics angers surgeon Jan 10, 1995
The Vancouver Sun

System needs some TLC Jul 11, 1991
The Vancouver Sun

Legislation Strangling Health Care Jan 01, 1990
The Calgary Herald [date unknown]

World's first surgical robot Nov 12, 1985
The Medical Post