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Open Communication from Dr. Jorge Denegri, VMA President, supports Dr. Brian Day

Jul 20, 2006

Reproduced with permission from Dr. Jorge Denigri
President, Vancouver Medical Association

As VMA President I support the position taken by the BCMA supporting Dr. B. Day as the CMA president elected by the majority of voting BCMA physicians in a fair democratic election process. Institutional bylaws are not part of the democratic process as it is free voting by members. Institutional bylaws do protect the Institution in time of real crisis. The election of Dr. B. Day was a free voting process and there is no crisis associated with this outcome.

To characterize Dr. B. Day as a single issue individual is an unfair political plot that must not be used in our professional dealings. We must keep to the high standards and honorable behaviour expected of members. We should support the results of a fair election process and avoid further misrepresentation or characterization of the successful individual.

It was time for BC, it was our time to elect the next CMA President. Dr. B. Day, elected by the BC physicians, may still have to stand to a challenge from the floor next September. However I believe a challenge to Dr. Day's Presidency should not be from any of the defeated candidates since in reality such a challenge will defeat the CMA process for the Presidency rather than the individual, and worse will create division within our provision. The CMA should respect and strongly support the choice of our BC colleagues. The CMA should not avoid the issue hiding behind constitutional rights and institutional bylaws, otherwise the CMA should terminate provincial elections for the CMA presidency.

I have a great deal of respect for Dr. J. Burak, however, I believe this time he made a judgment error and I hope he will reconsider and withdraw from any challenge to the will of the majority voting BC physicians/CMA President-elect.

Dr. Jorge Denegri
VMA President